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Finding qualified candidates to fill a position can be difficult. Not only that, it can be time consuming and takes away valuable time from your day-to-day tasks. We understand that every business greatest asset is its people, and as companies are adding more team members we believe finding candidates that fits with your organizational goals and culture is very important. At Employ, we understand the importance of teamwork, culture and collaboration. This is why we emphasize on selecting and placing key individuals who fit and align with your operational needs and business strategies. Find out how we can help grow your business!
Whether you need contract talent for busy periods, seasonal peaks, employee absences, special projects or a permanent employee, Employ Talent Solutions has you covered. From data entry specialists, day laborers to office managers, we specialize in staffing a wide variety of administrative and front office support roles with organizations around the world.
Marketing is all about the Four Ps: product, price, place and promotion. Marketers define the benefits of a given brand, attracting buyers by educating them about the particulars. Our candidates will help you create the best marketing plan for your product or business! Sales is about making the final transaction happen, culminating all of the activities that lead to direct purchases of goods and services.  Sales representatives ensure that the brand can endure financially by securing real revenue. A sales plan, therefore, includes the tools and resources that will be used to actually move the buyer from “interest” to “purchase.” Our Sales people will help you secure those tough sales and grow your client base!
Sales and Marketing
Accounting and Finance
Whether you need contract talent through temporary staffing agencies, senior-level professionals for ongoing projects, or permanent hires, our finance and accounting staffing specialists are ready to help. From accounting clerks to analysts, and many other roles, we can quickly help you find the top contract or permanent talent you’re looking for.
Healthcare has been in demand since Covid-19. These jobs have become extremely hard to fill in today’s job market. Our Healthcare workers are highly skilled and highly qualified in their respective fields of practice. Inquire today about how we can help you fill those tough positions.
Portrait Of Multi-Cultural Surgical Team Standing In Hospital Operating Theater
Software developer working
Do you need a developer for a short term project, but don’t want to hire one? We have highly skilled Developers, Software Engineers. We have full stack developers and programmers that know Python, C#, C++, among a variety of specialized programming languages. Inquire today!
Looking for a specialized candidate for a short term job? We can help with that from biochemical engineers, project management and even the aerospace industry. Inquire today about how we can help you!  We support various industries such as manufacturing, aerospace and biotechnology.
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